Litter Cleaning and Proper Placement

Keeping the right place for dry and wet litter in the house. Keeping the dry waste in the dry litter box and placing the wet waste in the wet litter box can be done only by proper classification, it can be dumped in the right place and in the right way. Due to which the house can be kept clean and tidy regularly and the child can go from many diseases.

Keep household trash bin in a place that is out of reach of animals such as cats, dogs as well as small children to prevent all of them from litter-borne infections and serious diseases.

After the trash bin is full, the services provided by the government such as a municipality or a voluntary organization which is helpful for the garbage and the environment, get the cooperation of those people and hand over the garbage to those people so that the environment is clean and clean by taking that garbage to the right place. can be kept

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