About Us



“Litter Me Not” is committed to create and sustain an environment that enhances public safety. Litter Me Not leads locally and globally to make the environment and people safe and free from the hassle of litter.


Beautiful surroundings means more than just a clean and green area. We stand in solidarity with those calmly demanding what is beautiful. We are ready to put our time, resources, and professionals into helping solve this littering problem.

Power of one

We believe in the power of one because it is just the beginning. If a single person takes action to make the area litter-free. It can influence the whole community. When a community comes together with the same vision, it can lead the industry. When the improbable becomes real, revolutionary changes happen.


“We are on a mission in creating a litter-free world. We envision places where every community is clean, green, and beautiful with integrity and respect. We help people to take action every day to grow and beautify their community environment. We inspire them to take action against the litter and prevent it from spreading around.


We are developing an ecosystem to build a litter-free world. It’s all made by passionate professionals of the growing community “Litter Me Not”. Our employees are accountable and remembered for the contributions they make to end littering. We improve recycling and beautify the neighborhoods.