Make the environment free from the hassle of litter.

Keep the world clean, safe and beautiful.

"Litter me not"

Promote Community Cleanups

Educate people about litter

Supports Reducing, Reusing and Recycling

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Litter Me Not is part of the effort to eliminate litter and solve it.

Keep the environment clean.

Let us try to keep the environment clean and remove the dirt.

Keep Beautiful

We should always use trash bin to keep our environment clean, and people should be guided about how to keep the environment clean and dirty things should be kept in the right place so that there is no dirt in the environment and also the environment.


affects animals

Plastic is such a substance, which is thrown after using in the environment by the sane and substandard people, as a result of which sometimes proves to be very fatal for animals and other organisms.


Litter service to people

The service of trash bin to the people should be done everywhere by the city council, so that the surrounding environment will be clean and strong. Due to which the litter thrown by all the people will get collected at one place.